Demolition and replacement of walls, ceilings, floors for kitchen expansion;
Installation of new electrical, heating, cooling, ventilation, gas lines, plumbing, and floor drains, a mop sink, FRP and stainless steel panels on walls, a new serving window and grille, handwashing sink, a three compartment sink, ice machines, commercial refrigerator, steam tables, stainless work tables and storage/shelving units, and new dining room furniture.

Kitchen Renovation Project

ARW serves 3 meals each day, 365 days a year to hundreds of men, women and children who are in need.  This kitchen space was renovated back in 1986 when ARW purchased the building for business operations and the primary shelter location.  Since the late 80's the kitchen and dining room have seen minor appliance replacements but no major enhancements.

Kitchen Sink.jpg
Kitchen Dave Cooking.jpg