American Rescue Workers' Men's Shelter Programs


Providing emergency shelter, supportive services, and spiritual guidance to men on the path to self sufficiency.


Fresh Start- Men's Work Rehabilitation Program
Fresh Start, which is a men’s shelter and work rehabilitation program is a 39 bed program providing shelter for men in need. These men remain in the program for 9-12 months. This program not only provides shelter and an opportunity for a fresh start, but through work, also teaches the much needed soft skills that will help these men be successful members of the community. This is a three phase program that develops the individuals self-esteem and renews their character.

Phase I:

  • 30 day blackout period (only allowed to leave campus for appointments)

  • Given monetary allowance, setup resources, obtain legal documents

  • Assigned work detail within ARW operation for 90 days


Phase II:

  • Gain full employment to earn wages

  • 30% of earned income paid to ARW

    • 15% goes toward program service fee

    • 15% goes into personal savings account

  • Volunteer up to 8 hours at ARW

  • Save $1,500 minimum

Phase III:

  • Locate apartment or leasing programs

  • Receive $500 rent match- security deposit

  • Furniture for new apartment (one time)

Men's Emergency Shelter
A 6 bed transient shelter providing men with emergency shelter on day-to-day basis. Shelter residents receive lodging, meals, and laundry services. Shelter residents are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on a first come-first served basis with no application process. Residents set housing goals with the case manager and work on those goals daily to obtain housing.

For questions or application for admission, contact:

Cleveland Way, Director of Shelters
(570) 323-8401 ext. 118