The American Rescue Workers, founded in 1884, is a church/nonprofit national religious organization operating as a branch of the evangelical Christian church. The Williamsport American Rescue Workers is a part of the national ARW organization whose headquarters is also located in Williamsport.

Mission: to give spiritual and material aid to those in need.

Since 1934, American Rescue Workers- Williamsport has operated; preaching the Gospel while undertaking the duty of uplifting the destitute and providing emergency assistance to any person in need.


Our center of business and outreach, on 643 Elmira Street, includes:

•Business Offices

•Men's Work Therapy Program and Shelter and Transient Shelter

•Industrial Operations & Distribution Warehouse

•Elmira Street Thrift Store

Additionally, we operate 8 Thrift Stores across the county, a Social Service Center, and Saving Grace Family Shelter.