Meet the ARW Staff


Sam Astin

Pastor/Executive Director

570-323-8401 ext. 111;


Sam is our Pastor at our ARW Community Church, performs devotions in the morning for our shelter residents, oversees furniture and antique donations, and is an auctioneer during our two live auctions. Sam also oversees all of the operations at American Rescue Workers with his wife, Dawn.

Dawn Astin

Business Administrator

570-323-8401 ext. 111;

Dawn oversees all of the operations at American Rescue Workers, along with her husband Sam.

Gayle Gillespie

Administrative Assistant

570-323-8401 ext. 110,

Fax: 570-323-0980;


Gayle is the first point of contact for American Rescue Workers. She is the voice you hear on the phone when you call in with a question. She is in charge of scheduling all house calls. Gayle assists with data entry and record keeping.


Melanie Scaife

Development Data Coordinator

570-323-8401 ext. 129;


Melanie is in charge of all development data. She enters all donations received into our database, issues thank you letters, and runs reports.

Valerie Fessler

Director of Development and Community Engagement

570-323-8401 ext. 117;

Valerie oversees all development and community engagement efforts. She is in charge of fundraising, grant writing, and donor stewardship. She also handles speaking events, tours of the organization, and assists with marketing efforts.


Mark Williams

Kitchen Operations Manager

570-323-8401 ext. 131;


Mark oversees all kitchen operations. He helps provide three meals a day, 365 days a year to our 70 shelter residents. He utilizes food donations and our partnership with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to create the meals. He also prepares meals for special events and oversees shelter residents who are in our work rehabilitation program.

Doreen White

Social Service Director

570-323-8401 ext. 121;


Doreen oversees the Social Services Center. She meets with clients and helps them find and apply for resources, offers financial assistance through available funds, offers case management, and manages the food pantry.

Robin Mineo

Administrative Assistant- SSC

570-323-8401 ext. 112;


Robin is the first point of contact at the Social Services Center. She answers the phone, responds to emails, helps individuals with resources and filling out forms, she tracks incoming data, and assists with the food pantry.


Shane Jordan

Director of Trucking, Maintenance, and IT

570-323-8401 ext. 114;


Shane oversees all trucking operations and maintenance and supervises the truck drivers. Shane is also in charge of all maintenance at all 10 thrift stores, the Social Services Center, the headquarters, the ARW Community Church, and all three shelters. Shane also preforms all IT efforts and assistance.

Chris Hoffman

Warehouse Manager

570-323-8401 ext. 120;


Chris oversees the warehouse operations at 643 Elmira Street, Williamsport. He is responsible for keeping the warehouse organized, sending merchandise to stock the thrift stores, and managing ARW employees and shelter residents within the warehouse.

Nicole Bower

Director of Thrift Stores

570-323-8401 ext. 122;


Nicole oversees the operation of all 10 American Rescue Workers Thrift Store locations and manages all thrift store staff.

Blayne Staff Photo.png

Blayne Lamey

Director of Shelter Programs

570-323-8401 ext. 118;


Blayne is the director of both men's shelters at 643 Elmira Street, Williamsport. She works with 48 residents through case management to help them become self-sufficient and successful.

Vivian Young

Director of Saving Grace Shelter



Vivian oversees the operations of Saving Grace Shelter. She conducts case management with residents and helps them find the resources and opportunities they need to help them become self-sufficient after experiencing a homeless crisis.

Haylee Fishel

Case Manager



Haylee is responsible for providing case management for the residents of Saving Grace Shelter. She assists residents with finding the resources, and opportunities they need in order to once again become self-sufficient after experiencing a homeless crisis.